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Surname Notes Appearance Info
SAAD Katarine BC 9/5/1891 A
SAAD Kathrin BC 9/6/1891 A
SABOTA B BC 10/14/1895 CI
SABRY William BDLJ 11/15/1935 D & B
SACHT Henry A BC 10/21/1895 CI
SACHTA (Infant) BEN 5/4/1894 A
SADDLER Mary S BC 11/12/1895 Obsequies
SALMA Najip BEX 7/14/1894 ROD
SALOW Carl BC 7/25/1889 ROD
SALZLER Francis CE 11/23/1963 DN
SAMSMULLUR Charles BEN 5/17/1894 New York
SAMSMULLUR Lena BEN 5/17/1894 New York
SAMUELS H. F BC 3/14/1891 A
SANDER Sister Mary BSMN 5/5/1895 ROD
SANDSTROM Cornelius BSMN 4/28/1895 ROD
SAOLO Frederick BC 7/25/1888 A
SARNOWSKI Stanley CE 11/26/1963 DN
SATTLER Martin BDLJ 10/23/1935 D&B
SAUER Charles BDLJ 10/23/1935 D&B
SAUNDERS Dr. Charles W BC 1/10/1891 Belfast, NY
SAVAGE John BEN 5/25/1894 Olean
SAWIN Philander W BME 12/3/1879 DN
SAWYER Caroline BSMN 2/24/1895 ROD
SAWYER Jessie BDLJ 10/22/1935 D&B
SAXBY Walter P BC 11/7/1895 Detroit Explosion
SCALNON Michael J AB 8/7/1879 A
SCANLAN Michael BDLJ 10/24/1935 D&B
SCARPINATZ Clara BDLJ 10/22/1935 D&B
SCATCHERD Dorothy BC 10/15/1894 A
SCATCHERD Emily BC 10/15/1894 A
SCHAEFER Henry BDLJ 11/1/1935 D & B
SCHAEFFER August BC 10/21/1895 CI
SCHALLER Andreas BC 11/10/1891 P
SCHANTZ George BDLJ 10/30/1935 D & B
SCHELLA Ernestine BSMN 2/24/1895 ROD
SCHEPP Child BC 11/4/1891 LG
SCHEU John BSMN 5/5/1895 ROD
SCHEU Solomon P BEX 1/3/1879 DN
SCHEU Solomon P BEX 1/4/1879 DN
SCHEUER Edward J CE 11/24/1963 DN
SCHICKEL Igna_z BC 12/31/1891 A
SCHIERMANN-ALTMANN Catherine BCE 11/12/1933 DN
SCHIESEL Mary BEX 6/24/1894 ROD
SCHIFF Louis BDLJ 11/2/1935 D & B
SCHIFFERLE Eveline BEX 7/14/1894 ROD
SCHIFFLER Edward BDR 8/20/1885 ROD
SCHILLROTH George CE 11/26/1963 DN
SCHINDLER Henry BC 10/14/1895 CI
SCHINDLER Theresa BC 10/3/1894 DN & Oo
SCHINDLER Theresa BC 10/4/1894 DN
SCHIROW Wilhelmina BDR 8/24/1885 ROD
SCHLADERMUNDT Amanda BE 7/17/1915 DN
SCHLAGER Veronica BE 3/2/1915 DN
SCHLENKER Annie BDR 8/22/1885 ROD
SCHLENKER John BC 10/19/1895 A
SCHLESEL Mary BEX 6/24/1894 ROD
SCHLIAR Edward M CE 11/24/1963 DN
SCHLIEFKI Frederick BDR 8/24/1885 ROD
SCHLOSSER Carolyn BDLJ 11/7/1935 D & B
SCHLOSSER Joseph F BCE 11/15/1933 A
SCHMIDT Charles BC 1/22/1891 DN
SCHMIDT Charles BC 1/23/1891 P
SCHMIDT Eva M BC 2/25/1891 P
SCHMIDT F. BEX 6/24/1894 ROD
SCHMIDT Heinrich BC 12/11/1891 O
SCHMIDT Henry BC 5/30/1891 LG
SCHMIDT Joseph L BC 10/14/1895 Fredonia
SCHMIDT Maria C BC 11/15/1895 P
SCHMITT Elizabeth BC 7/26/1889 ROD
SCHMITT Michael BEN 4/19/1894 DN
SCHMITZ John A BC 9/27/1895 P
SCHNABER Emma BC 2/13/1891 P
SCHNEIDER George BE 4/7/1915 DN
SCHNEIDER James BSMN 2/24/1895 ROD
SCHNEIDER John BC 11/3/1891 A
SCHNEIDER Joseph BC 1/8/1891 LG
SCHNEIDER Julius BE 7/13/1915 DN
SCHNEIDER Julius BE 7/14/1915 DN
SCHOEDEL Annie BC 10/13/1894 A
SCHOELLES Catherine AB 5/7/1891 O
SCHOEMANN Jacob BC 1/28/1891 A
SCHOENAUER Margaret BEX 7/14/1894 ROD
SCHOUTEN Martin BDLJ 10/30/1935 D & B
SCHRIEBER John BC 3/3/1891 P
SCHROBER Jacob BC 11/12/1895 LeRoy
SCHROEDER Charles BC 2/22/1891 A
SCHROEDER Julius BEN 3/19/1894 A
SCHROER Elizabeth BC 10/13/1895 A
SCHUBERT A BIT 4/29/1906 New York - A
SCHUBERT Caroline BSMN 2/24/1895 ROD
SCHUELMEISTER John BC 10/13/1895 A
SCHUESSLER John BDLJ 11/2/1935 D & B
SCHUH Karl BE 11/5/1903 Goeh, Prussia
SCHUH William S BE 7/12/1915 DN
SCHUH William S BE 7/13/1915 DN
SCHULER Edward BDR 8/20/1885 ROD
SCHULTZ John BC 6/25/1891 A
SCHULTZ Maximilian BSMN 3/17/1895 ROD
SCHUMAN Clara BC 3/4/1891 P
SCHUMAN Laura BC 2/12/1891 P
SCHUNK Norman CE 11/26/1963 DN
SCHUREEKER Magdalena BDLJ 11/1/1935 D & B
SCHUSTER George BC 9/13/1895 P
SCHUSTER Louisa BEX 7/14/1894 ROD
SCHWAB John BSMN 3/31/1895 ROD
SCHWANNAN Gustav BSMN 3/17/1895 ROD
SCHWARGE Ida M BDR 8/22/1885 ROD
SCHWARTZ Jacob BDC 2/23/1880 DN
SCHWARTZ Rosina BDR 8/22/1885 A
SCHWARTZ Thomas BSMN 4/28/1895 ROD
SCHWARZ John BC 10/21/1895 CI
SCHWARZ Rosina BDR 8/24/1885 ROD
SCHWEDA Marguerite BDLJ 10/28/1935 D&B
SCIABARRASI Carmen BDLJ 10/22/1935 D&B
SCOFIELD Rev. P. W. BC 6/28/1889 Forestville
SCORE Esther BC 7/26/1889 ROD
SCOTT Julia BC 11/16/1891 DN
SCOVILLE Jonathan BC 3/5/1891 New York
SCOVILLE Jonathan BC 3/6/1891 A & DN
SCOVILLE Jonathan BC 3/23/1891 W
SCULLY Daniel BEN 3/27/1894 DN
SEIGLE Anton BC 2/11/1891 A
SEILER Willard C. CE 11/27/1963 DN
SELBERT Clara BC 7/26/1889 ROD
SEMSKI Stephen BEN 5/4/1894 A
SERVOSS Horace H BEX 6/20/1894 Lockport
SEXSMITH Emma BC 6/13/1891 P
SEYMOUR Dr. Abbey J BC 11/7/1895 P
SEYMOUR Dr. Abbie J BC 10/19/1895 A
SHADY Jane BE 11/5/1903 DN & A
SHALLOE Patrick BDC 6/26/1887 DN
SHALLOE Patrick BDC 6/27/1887 DN
SHANAHAN James BSMN 6/2/1895 ROD
SHANNON Donald BDLJ 10/30/1935 D & B
SHANNON Mrs. Eugene BEN 5/26/1894 Napoli
SHANNON Patrick BEN 5/5/1894 DN
SHAPERO Jacob BC 11/4/1895 NY Fire
SHAW George BC 11/7/1895 Detroit Explosion
SHAW John BEX 4/24/1879 IM
SHAY John BE 7/12/1915 DN
SHAY John BE 7/13/1915 DN
SHAY Michael BEN 3/19/1894 Great Valley
SHEA Margaret BSMN 6/2/1895 ROD
SHEAHAN Michael C BC 10/4/1895 DN
SHEAHAN Michael C BC 10/15/1895 P
SHEARMAN Mrs. Winslow BC 11/21/1895 Busti, NY
SHEEHAN George BSMN 6/2/1895 ROD
SHEEHAN Margaret BE 3/2/1915 DN
SHEEHAN-EATON Bridget BC 11/20/1891 DN
SHEESLEY Bruce BDLJ 11/16/1935 D & B
SHELDEN Chauncey BEN 3/24/1894 Sherman
SHELTON William BEX 5/11/1886 P
SHENEY Susan BSMN 4/28/1895 ROD
SHEPHARD Mrs. Tom BC 11/3/1891 Georgiana, Al
SHEPHARD Tom BC 11/3/1891 Georgiana, Al
SHEPPARD Mrs BC 12/27/1890 DN
SHERMAN Mrs A. B. BC 8/5/1894 A
SHERMAN Mrs A. B. BC 8/7/1894 F
SHERWOOD Rose BE 11/12/1903 Erie Pa
SHIELDS Mary BEX 6/24/1894 ROD
SHINNERS H. D. CE 11/23/1963 DN
SHIPLEY Archibald BC 2/24/1891 Spring Hill Mine, Canada
SHIRE BC 9/23/1891 DN
SHORT Emery E BC 10/14/1894 DN
SHORT James BC 3/17/1891 DN
SHUART Russel L BE 7/23/1915 DN
SHULER Edward BC 10/21/1895 CI
SHULTZ Mary BSMN 4/28/1895 ROD
SHUNCK Caroline BC 1/23/1891 A
SHUTTLEWORTH Lizzie A BC 6/1/1891 DN
SIBILIS Pasquale BDLJ 11/7/1935 D & B
SIDLO Thomas BEN 5/21/1894 A
SIEBERT Clara BC 6/26/1891 A
SIEDER Mary BC 10/7/1895 Loraine, Ohio
SIEJAKOWSKI Pauline CE 11/26/1963 DN
SIKORSKI (Infant) BC 4/24/1891 A
SILVER William H CE 11/26/1963 DN
SIMMS Richard BSMN 5/26/1895 ROD
SIMPSON Levi W BC 7/8/1888 DN
SINDA Wojciech BDLJ 10/26/1935 D&B
SINGER Betty BSMN 4/28/1895 ROD
SINGER John BC 9/4/1891 CI
SIN_BOX John BEN 5/16/1894 Bath, NY
SISSON Esther CE 11/24/1963 DN
SKEELE D. C. BC 3/6/1891 DN
SKINNER Vera BSMN 3/31/1895 ROD
SKIZEK Peter BC 8/23/1891 LG
SKOK Leon S CE 11/23/1963 DN
SLATER Frederick BDLJ 10/22/1935 D&B
SLATTERY Mrs. Joseph BC 8/26/1891 F
SLATTERY Patrick BC 4/24/1891 A
SLATTERY Rev. Andrew BDLJ 10/31/1935 D & B
SLAVIN Michael BE 2/16/1915 DN
SLAVIN Michael F BE 2/17/1915 F
SLAYTON Joseph BC 11/3/1891 Lockport
SLIMBACH Otto BC 10/13/1894 New York
SLIWCKI Peter BC 7/2/1891 A
SLIWINSKI Bronistaus CE 11/24/1963 DN
SLOAN Hogh BDLJ 10/28/1935 D&B
SLOTMAN Henry BDLJ 10/24/1935 D&B
SMALL Peter Sr BEX 3/10/1879 DN
SMILEY John BE 4/11/1893 ROD
SMITH Abagail BC 8/12/1894 Pioneers of Attica
SMITH Agnes BDLJ 10/29/1935 D & B
SMITH Albert BC 8/22/1891 A
SMITH Almeda BEX 1/4/1879 P
SMITH Cath BDR 8/24/1885 ROD
SMITH Celia BC 10/15/1894 Batavia
SMITH Charles BC 1/20/1891 A
SMITH Charles BC 1/22/1891 A
SMITH Chester CE 11/23/1963 DN
SMITH Daniel BC 7/1/1888 Jackson Tenn
SMITH Dennis BC 11/4/1895 Port Huron, Mich
SMITH Eli B BC 2/13/1891 P
SMITH Eli B BC 2/25/1891 P
SMITH Flossie BEN 4/20/1894 Clyde
SMITH Frank BC 10/23/1895 A
SMITH Frank BC 9/6/1891 CI
SMITH Frank BC 9/9/1891 A
SMITH Frank BC 9/10/1891 A
SMITH Frank BC 9/13/1891 CI
SMITH George BC 10/11/1894 Fredonian Dies In New York
SMITH George W BC 4/24/1891 A
SMITH Harriet BC 11/16/1891 DN
SMITH Howard M BEX 5/19/1879 Elmira
SMITH Jacob K BEX 4/24/1879 A
SMITH Jacob M BDC 2/23/1880 DN
SMITH James BE 4/7/1915 DN
SMITH James C BEN 3/19/1894 East Jamestown
SMITH James W BE 2/16/1915 DN
SMITH Jessie BDC 12/27/1886 DN
SMITH John BC 11/7/1895 P
SMITH John F BDC 6/25/1887 DN & A
SMITH Johnston BC 7/22/1888 A
SMITH Magdelina BE 4/7/1915 DN
SMITH Martha BC 10/12/1894 DN
SMITH Martha Jane BC 10/13/1894 DN
SMITH Mary BE 4/7/1915 DN
SMITH Mrs. H. R. BC 11/24/1891 Attica
SMITH Sidney D BDR 8/22/1885 ROD
SMITH Walter BE 3/2/1915 A
SMITH William W BC 3/11/1891 DN
SMITH William W BC 3/12/1891 DN
SMITH Willie BEN 4/20/1894 Clyde
SMYTH Beechem BC 2/27/1891 DN
SMYTH Francis J BEN 7/7/1883 DN
SNIDERHAN Anna M BE 7/16/1915 DN
SNYDER Albertine BEN 5/26/1894 Lockport
SNYDER Eleanor BC 8/31/1891 Warsaw
SNYDER John BC 11/19/1895 P
SNYDER Robert BC 1/24/1891 A
SOBKOWISKI Tony BEN 5/4/1894 A
SOEMANN Charles J BC 3/4/1891 DN
SOFKA John BC 7/25/1889 A
SOMERVILLE Henry BEN 5/22/1894 Dodgeville, Ia.
SOPER Lena BSMN 3/31/1895 ROD
SOULE George D BC 11/7/1895 Detroit Explosion
SOUTHWICK Henry BC 12/28/1890 DN
SOWINSKI John BC 10/17/1888 Train Accident in Pa.
SPALDING Franklin BC 9/25/1895 P Lockport
SPANG-REINHARD Louisa BE 2/16/1915 DN
SPANG-REINHARD Louisa BE 2/17/1915 DN
SPAULDING Mary BDLJ 10/31/1935 D & B
SPAULDING Natalie CE 11/27/1963 DN
SPAULDING Nellie BC 4/19/1891 A
SPEIDEL Caroline CE 11/23/1963 DN
SPIESS Amelia BC 12/17/1891 Lancaster, Pa.
SPITZ Arthur BDLJ 10/24/1935 D&B
SPITZER Franklin BDLJ 11/16/1935 D & B
SPROUT-ASHLEY Olive BC 1/1/1891 Alexander
STABELL Anton BC 10/19/1895 P
STACY Charles BC 3/21/1891 A
STAFFELD Albert BC 10/14/1895 CI
STAFFORD William BSMN 3/24/1895 ROD
STAHL Anna BC 7/25/1889 ROD
STANARD Walter P BC 9/14/1891 DN
STANCLIFT Edward W BC 10/19/1895 P
STANCLIFT John W BC 9/14/1895 P
STANFORD Annabell BDLJ 10/29/1935 D & B
STANG Nicholas BC 1/13/1891 DN
STANHOPE Frederick BC 9/16/1891 A
STANLEY Frank G BEX 1/4/1879 DN
STANSFIELD Edward BDLJ 11/7/1935 D & B
STANYARD Ebenezer BC 7/14/1888 Columbus, Ohio
STARK Joseph BDLJ 11/7/1935 D & B
STARK William H BC 2/24/1891 A
STAUB Frank BEX 1/3/1879 Pembroke
STAUB-WEBER Anna BE 11/11/1903 DN
STAWART Lydia BC 2/6/1891 P
STEDMAN Jonathan BC 9/12/1895 P
STEEDMAN Jessie CE 11/23/1963 DN
STEELE Charles G BC 7/25/1889 DN
STEELE Charles W BC 8/24/1891 Lockport
STEELE Oliver G BME 12/3/1879 P
STEFNUIAK Mariana BC 7/27/1889 ROD
STEHBACH Maria BDR 8/21/1885 ROD
STEIGER George BCE 11/13/1933 A Also See STIEGLER
STEINBACH Lena BC 9/6/1891 P
STEINHILL Gottleib BC 12/8/1891 A
STEINMETZ Emma BEX 7/14/1894 ROD
STEITLER Bertha BEN 5/21/1894 Clyde
STENGEL John BC 2/15/1891 A
STENGEL John BC 2/16/1891 DN
STEPHAN Rev. Abraham BCE 11/14/1933 A
STEPHEN Walter BSMN 6/2/1895 ROD
STERNS A. A. BC 11/5/1895 A
STEVENS Edgar BDLJ 11/1/1935 D & B
STEVENS Henry B BC 9/2/1891 P
STEVENS John C BEN 5/25/1894 St. Catharines, Ont
STEVENS Karl BC 2/2/1891 A
STEVENS Olin D BEN 3/19/1894 A
STEVENSON Edward L BC 4/14/1891 DN
STEVENSON Edward L BC 4/15/1891 DN
STEVENSON Edward L BC 4/17/1891 F
STEWART BEN 3/31/1894 A
STEWART (Judge) E. CE 11/16/1963 DN
STEWART Daniel BDC 7/16/1867 A
STEWART George W (Bully) BEN 3/31/1894 A
STEWART Lydia BC 3/23/1891 P
STICKNEY Austin N. AB 5/16/1889 O
STICKNEY David J BSMN 3/17/1895 ROD
STICKNEY Frederick L BCE 11/18/1933 A
STIEMKE Rev. Z. BC 10/18/1895 A
STILLMAN Jennie BSMN 2/17/1895 ROD
STILWELL Stephen N BC 9/24/1895 Washington
STIMLER Otto BC 10/8/1894 DN
STIZEL S. Sue BC 11/5/1895 P
STOCKI Frank BC 4/15/1891 A
STOCKING Thomas BSMN 3/17/1895 ROD
STOCKMAN Sarah BDLJ 10/31/1935 D & B
STODDARD George W BC 3/17/1891 P
STOKES Albert BDLJ 11/7/1935 D & B
STOLT-FISHER Agnes BE 2/16/1915 DN
STOWSKI Constantina BC 7/27/1889 A
STRASSER - Caroline CE 11/24/1963 DN
STRAUSS Nicholas BC 8/19/1891 A
STRAUSS Sophie BDLJ 11/15/1935 D & B
STREETS Mary M BDC 12/12/1886 DN
STREICHER Elizabeth BSMN 5/5/1895 ROD
STRESING Grace BSMN 3/31/1895 ROD
STRICKFADEN Joseph CE 11/26/1963 DN
STROHAUER-ABOTTAY Katherine BE 11/11/1903 DN
STROHAUER-ABOTTAY Katherine BE 11/12/1903 DN
STRONG Edith BC 1/5/1891 DN
STROZZIE Nicholas BEX 6/24/1894 ROD
STRUTHERS Albertine BC 7/25/1889 ROD
STURM Christian BC 10/9/1895 P
STURM Christian BC 9/24/1895 LN
STURM Esther E BE 2/17/1915 DN
STURMAN Florian A CE 11/16/1963 DN
STURMAN Samuel BC 7/27/1889 DN
STYPA Walter CE 11/27/1963 DN
SUDY Martin BC 8/9/1894 CI
SULLIVAN Daniel BDC 2/23/1880 DN
SULLIVAN Daniel BC 3/22/1891 DN & O
SULLIVAN Dennis BDLJ 11/7/1935 D & B
SULLIVAN Ellen BC 9/13/1895 DN
SULLIVAN Ellen BC 11/29/1891 DN
SULLIVAN Jeremiah BC 4/25/1891 A
SULLIVAN Mary BC 7/5/1891 Charleston, W. Va.
SULLIVAN Mary BC 11/10/1891 P
SULLIVAN Mrs. Cornelius BC 10/7/1895 Loraine, Ohio
SULLIVAN Thomas BDR 8/24/1885 Law Suit
SULLIVAN Thomas J BE 7/17/1915 A
SULLIVAN-FISCHER Isabella BE 7/16/1915 DN
SULLY Robert BC 3/13/1891 P
SULZBACH Charles A BDLJ 11/16/1935 D & B
SUTER Abby J BC 2/14/1891 DN
SUTTON Edith BDC 12/17/1886 DN
SUTTON George A. BC 10/14/1895 CI
SUTTON William BDLJ 11/15/1935 D & B
SWAN Mary BDLJ 10/30/1935 D & B
SWANSON Clara H BC 8/11/1894 Jamestown
SWARTS Alfer BDLJ 10/28/1935 D&B
SWEENEY Christine BC 2/6/1891 P
SWEENEY Edward BC 9/2/1891 CI
SWEENEY Jeremiah BC 1/28/1891 DN & A
SWEENEY-HARROWER Katharine BC 10/13/1895 O & A
SWEENEY-HARROWER Katharine BC 10/14/1895 DN
SWIFT Martha BC 9/8/1891 DN
SWIFT Martha BC 9/9/1891 A
SWIFT Vashti BDLJ 10/24/1935 D&B
SWITZER Mrs BC 12/30/1890 Death from Burns - See 12/29 Paper
SWITZER Mrs BC 1/1/1891 LG
SZALWINSKI John S. CE 11/16/1963 DN
SZCZNALUCK Polaza BC 11/5/1895 A
SZCZODROWSKI Alice BDLJ 10/31/1935 D & B
SZEN Charles BC 3/1/1891 DN
SZYMEZAK Hedrigis BC 7/26/1889 ROD

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