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Surname Notes Appearance Info
D'ADDEZIO Elizabeth CE 11/27/1963 DN
DAILEY Mary A BC 11/12/1895 A
DAILEY Patrick BC 10/7/1888 A
DALAGSEN J. BC 7/25/1889 A
DALE Arthur BEN 5/25/1894 Brocton
DALEY Albert L BC 12/3/1891 Dunkirk
DALEY Patrick BC 10/7/1888 DN
DALLER Henry BSMN 2/24/1895 ROD
DALY Anna BE 4/7/1915 DN
DALY Thomas BC 11/10/1891 P
DAMS Max BDLJ 10/22/1935 D&B
DANA Chester A CE 11/24/1963 DN
DANA Stephen BC 3/22/1891 DN
DANN Henry BDC 12/2/1887 DN
DANN Jane BC 3/17/1891 DN
DARE Charles W BC 2/24/1891 DN
DARGEN James BEN 9/19/1882 DN & A
DARRIGAN Catherine BEN 6/5/1894 DN
DART Erastus BC 6/4/1891 P
DART Erastus BC 5/30/1891 A
DART Erastus BC 9/4/1891 P
DART James BEN 5/25/1894 Alexander
DAURIA Santa BDLJ 10/24/1935 D&B
DAVA Esther BC 3/15/1891 DN
DAVENPORT Elizabeth BSMN 2/24/1895 ROD
DAVERN William BSMN 2/24/1895 ROD
DAVIS Cynthia BC 11/21/1895 Busti, NY
DAVIS Elizabeth BEX 6/24/1894 ROD
DAVIS Etta BDLJ 11/15/1935 D & B
DAVIS Jane BDLJ 11/2/1935 D & B
DAVIS Richard BC 11/12/1895 Obsequies
DAVIS Richard BEN 2/14/1894 Plymouth, Pa
DAVIS William AB 10/15/1891 O
DAW Mary BE 4/11/1893 ROD
DAY Charles BE 11/11/1903 Pittsburg
DAY Cornelius BEX 1/4/1879 P
DEAKIN (NFN) BE 7/14/1915 Jamestown
DEAN Louis BC 8/30/1888 A
DEANE Ellsha C BC 11/19/1895 DN
DEARBORN Ida BC 9/30/1891 A
DEBSKI Jacob CE 11/24/1963 DN
DECH John BE 4/11/1893 ROD
DECK Peter BC 11/5/1891 CI
DECKER Dan BDLJ 11/7/1935 D & B
DECKER Thomas BCE 11/15/1933 A
DECKINGER Charles BC 9/17/1895 P
DEDLOFF Henry BC 8/8/1894 A
DEGENHART Gregory BDLJ 10/28/1935 D&B
DEHLER Pauline BDLJ 10/28/1935 D&B
DEIDRICJ Kate BC 10/7/1895 Loraine, Ohio
DEITZ Lenhard BEX 3/4/1879 A
DELANEY Valentine BC 4/24/1891 DN
DELANEY William E BC 10/4/1894 A
DELAWARE Leopold BEX 7/14/1894 ROD
DELEHANT Isabel BC 9/22/1895 DN
DELGETTA Michael BC 8/19/1891 New York
DELLENBAUGH Frederick BC 1/17/1891 DN
DELMORE Arthur BSMN 3/24/1895 ROD
DELOROSA Sisiter Mary BE 4/11/1893 A
DELY Richard BC 10/6/1894 Detroit Fire
DEMPSEY Charles E BC 10/10/1894 Seymour IA
DENNE Alfred CE 11/27/1963 DN
DENNIS Adelia BC 10/4/1895 DN
DENNIS Joseph BEN 9/19/1882 DN
DENNY William BC 9/22/1895 A
DEPEW Edna A. BC 7/26/1889 ROD
DEPEW Walter BE 7/12/1915 DN
DEPEW Walter W BE 7/13/1915 DN
DEPEW Walter W BDC 7/11/1915 A
DERKERT Kate BSMN 6/2/1895 ROD
DEROCK J H BC 1/28/1889 A
DERR Monroe BDLJ 10/21/1935 D&B
DERRICK James BC 10/16/1895 P
DETHLOFF Anna BDLJ 11/16/1935 D & B
DEUBZER Charles BE 7/12/1915 DN
DEUCHLER-HENS Josephine BE 7/17/1915 DN
DEUSCHI Morris BC 11/4/1895 NY Fire
DEVARE George BC 11/20/1891 A
DEVINE Raymond BSMN 3/17/1895 ROD
DEVLIN John BC 9/30/1894 O & Photo
DEVLIN John BC 10/4/1894 P
DEVLIN John BC 10/3/1894 A
DEVORE W. S. BEX 7/14/1894 ROD
DeWITT Julian F BEN 7/11/1883 P
DEWITT William A BE 3/2/1915 DN
DIAMOND Elmer BC 9/29/1895 A
DIBBLE Augusta BC 4/15/1891 DN
DICK Euphemia BDC 12/2/1887 DN
DICK Peter BC 2/25/1889 A
DICKENS Margaret BC 8/4/1894 DN
DICKINSON P.P. BC 10/7/1895 New York
DICKSON John W BEX 5/20/1879 A
DIEBERT Josephine BSMN 5/5/1895 ROD
DIEFFENBACH Andrew AB 5/1/1879 O
DIETRICK John BC 9/24/1895 DN
DIKEMAN Althea BC 8/4/1894 DN
DILCHER Christopher BC 9/25/1891 DN
DILL Clara BC 3/2/1891 DN
DILL William BSMN 5/26/1895 ROD
DINGBAUM Frank H BDR 8/26/1885 ROD
DINGENS Mary G BE 2/16/1915 P
DINKEL Barbara BEX 5/19/1879 A
DISCARLO Joseph BC 3/26/1891 A
DIXON James BC 10/18/1895 A
DIXON Laurence BSMN 2/24/1895 ROD
DODSON Carrie BSMN 3/17/1895 ROD
DODSON J. Bentley BC 6/27/1891 Natalie, Pa.
DOEEN Delia BC 10/15/1894 A
DOELL John G BC 9/4/1891 P
DOERSAM Harry BDLJ 10/28/1935 D&B
DOESCH George BEN 6/5/1894 DN
DOGLE Catherine BDLJ 11/7/1935 D & B
DOHERTY Thomas BC 1/25/1891 A
DOLE Josiah W BC 9/29/1891 P
DOMEDION Frederick BC 12/27/1890 DN & O
DOMENSKY Charles BC 8/11/1894 A
DOMRAS Fredinand BE 7/13/1915 DN
DONAGHUE Michael H BC 10/6/1894 Detroit Fire
DONAHUE John BC 11/4/1895 Lockport
DONDAJEWSKA Lottie BDLJ 10/24/1935 D&B
DONDARO Joseph BC 3/19/1891 A
DONLEY Joseph BC 7/1/1891 LG
DONNER Mary BC 9/13/1895 A
DONNER Mary E BC 9/10/1891 Gratwick
DONNOVAN John BDR 8/24/1885 ROD
DONOHUE Patrick J BC 10/13/1894 DN
DONOVAN Bridget M BEN 3/27/1894 DN
DONOVAN Johannah BC 3/8/1891 DN
DONOVAN Johannah BC 3/9/1891 DN
DONOVAN Miss BEN 3/28/1894 A
DONOVAN Timothy BC 9/30/1888 A & O
DORHERTY (Infant) BDLJ 10/24/1935 D&B
DORR Jane BDLJ 10/28/1935 D&B
DORR Peter BC 11/14/1895 Lawsuit
DORR Peter BC 10/14/1895 CI
DORST Frederic BC 2/21/1889 DN
DOTTERWICH Sebastian BSMN 2/17/1895 ROD
DOUGHERTY Jasper BC 7/5/1891 Charleston, W. Va.
DOW Mrs. J. M. BC 11/12/1895 F
DOWD Catherine BME 12/3/1879 DN
DOWNEY-RYAN Ann BC 11/29/1891 DN
DOYLE Catharina BME 11/29/1879 P
DOYLE Charles BC 6/15/1891 A
DOYLE Frank BC 6/7/1891 A
DOYLE Margaret BC 1/10/1892 A
DOZE Archie C. F. BDR 8/20/1885 ROD
DRAKE Aaron BEN 3/20/1894 Oakfield
DRAKE Theodore BSMN 2/24/1895 ROD
DRAY Anna BE 7/13/1915 DN
DRAY Anna BE 7/14/1915 DN
DRAYMILLER Adam BC 10/6/1894 A
DREIER Andrew C BCE 11/12/1933 Rochester
DRESCHER Margaret BDLJ 10/29/1935 D & B
DRESSEL Ludwig BSMN 2/17/1895 ROD
DREWS Ernst CE 11/26/1963 DN
DREWS Frederick BEN 5/1/1911 DN
DREYER Margaret BEX 6/24/1894 ROD
DRISCOLL Jeremiah BDLJ 10/26/1935 D&B
DRISCOLL Timothy BEN 8/25/1882 A
DRISKELL Katherine BEN 5/22/1894 Clyde
DROHEN Mary L BC 10/14/1895 Fredonia
DRUDGE Louise BC 11/10/1891 P
DUBOIS-BAILEY Julia BEX 5/12/1886 DN
DUCHENE Michael BSMN 2/17/1895 ROD
DUCHENE-FISHER Barbara BC 7/2/1891 DN
DUDLEY Mary F BC 8/17/1891 DN
DUDLEY Mrs. Joseph P BC 9/9/1891 A
DUDLEY Mrs. Joseph P BC 8/19/1891 F
DUFFEY Thos. BEN 3/20/1894 Perry
DUFFY Edward BDR 8/26/1885 ROD
DUFFY Margaret BEX 7/14/1894 ROD
DUNBAR Lucilla D BC 4/5/1891 DN
DUNCAN Alice BC 8/7/1894 Dunkirk
DUNDON Catharine BSMN 3/24/1895 ROD
DUNDON Thomas BSMN 3/17/1895 ROD
DUNLOP William W. BC 11/7/1895 Detroit Explosion
DUNN Ann BC 10/7/1895 DN
DUNN Ann BEX 1/1/1879 DN
DUNN Della BC 11/19/1895 Warren Pa.
DUNN ELLEN BC 4/18/1891 A (Burial 10/16/1879)
DUNN Ethel BSMN 6/2/1895 ROD
DUNNE P. S. BEX 6/24/1894 ROD
DUNNE Rev. P. S. BEX 6/20/1894 DN
DUNNETT Amelia AB 5/7/1891 O
DUPREE James BC 2/24/1891 Spring Hill Mine, Canada
DURAL L. BC 10/14/1895 CI
DURICH James BC 10/16/1895 P
DURICK James BC 9/24/1895 DN
DURKIN Thomas BSMN 2/24/1895 ROD
DURRENBERGER Jacob BC 9/17/1891 P
DUSAYNSKI Thomas BDLJ 10/22/1935 D&B
DUTTON Edward BC 2/5/1889 O & DN
DUVAL Charles BSMN 3/24/1895 ROD
DWYER Michael BC 10/21/1895 CI
DWYER Nicholas BSMN 3/24/1895 ROD
DYE Edwin BSMN 5/26/1895 ROD
DYE Reuben BC 1/22/1891 P
DYNAS Willie J BEN 4/19/1894 DN
DYWINSKI Frances BE 7/12/1915 A
DZIERZEWSKI Michael BDLJ 10/30/1935 D & B

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