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Surname Notes Appearance Info
JACHUM Maggie BC 7/26/1889 ROD
JACKSON Arthur BC 7/27/1889 ROD
JACKSON Georgia A BC 11/19/1891 CI
JACKSON John BC 9/17/1895 P
JACKSON Minnie CE 11/23/1963 DN
JACKSON Prof. John BC 7/10/1888 A
JACKSON Samuel BC 11/13/1891 A
JACKSON William J BC 9/28/1891 Mt. Morris
JACOB John BSMN 6/2/1895 ROD
JACOBS Arthur BSMN 2/24/1895 ROD
JACOBS Julia BC 4/10/1891 P
JACOBS S. P. BDC 3/21/1867 CI
JACOBSON John BC 10/21/1895 CI
JACOBSON Ole BEN 5/22/1894 A
JAEGER Charles C BEN 5/1/1911 DN
JAKOVJAH John BDR 8/26/1885 ROD
JAMES Julia BC 10/19/1895 Jamestown
JAMIESON Mary BDLJ 11/16/1935 D & B
JAMISON Thomas BC 12/27/1890 Buried in Franklinville
JANKOWSKY Anson BC 1/1/1891 A
JANOWINK Stephen BSMN 6/2/1895 ROD
JANSEN Ralph BC 3/18/1891 A
JARRETT Mary BC 9/24/1895 LN
JAUME Romanna BC 7/7/1891 DN
JEBB Thomas A BC 10/19/1895 A
JEHLE Johanna BC 3/3/1891 P
JEHLE Julia BC 2/8/1891 DN
JENDO Andrew BDLJ 10/23/1935 D&B
JENDRASIAK Cecelia BC 1/2/1902 A
JENDRASIAK Helen BC 1/2/1902 A
JENDRASIAK Waclaw BC 1/2/1902 A
JENNER Elias H BEN 7/11/1883 A
JENNING Mrs C BC 7/7/1888 Wilson
JENNINGS Romeo BC 7/18/1888 Titusville Pa.
JERSEY Hattie BSMN 5/5/1895 ROD
JEUSE John BC 8/22/1891 Burke, Idaho
JEWETT Charles BC 11/16/1891 DN
JEWETT Charles F BC 9/12/1895 Owego
JEWETT Elam BDC 1/11/1887 DN
JOBLING Frances BDLJ 11/2/1935 D & B
JOEHMN Arthur C BDR 8/20/1885 ROD
JOEL Emelia BC 6/25/1891 DN
JOHNS Alfred J BC 11/5/1895 P
JOHNS Alfred J BC 11/19/1895 P
JOHNS James BC 7/5/1891 Charleston, W. Va.
JOHNSON BDC 3/19/1887 A Toronto railroad man
JOHNSON - Aunt Sarah BDC 1/2/1887 Olean
JOHNSON - Charles BC 10/21/1895 CI
JOHNSON - Cynthia C BEN 5/15/1894 Lockport
JOHNSON - Edna E BDR 8/24/1885 A
JOHNSON - Edna E BDR 8/26/1885 ROD
JOHNSON - Elizabeth BDC 12/25/1886 DN
JOHNSON - George W BC 3/17/1891 DN
JOHNSON - Helen BSMN 5/26/1895 ROD
JOHNSON - Ida BC 9/7/1891 A
JOHNSON - Jennie BC 5/30/1891 Mayville
JOHNSON - John BEN 5/21/1894 A
JOHNSON - Mary BE 7/12/1915 DN
JOHNSON - Michael BC 10/22/1895 A
JOHNSON - Michael Henry BC 10/23/1895 A
JOHNSON - Michael J BC 11/23/1895 A
JOHNSON - Minnie BCE 11/12/1933 DN
JOHNSON - Mrs BEN 5/21/1894 A
JOHNSON - Smale BDLJ 10/28/1935 D&B
JONES Annie BSMN 6/2/1895 ROD
JONES Hattie BSMN 6/2/1895 ROD
JONES Hiram BC 9/24/1895 Batavia
JONES James H BC 12/9/1891 A
JONES James H BC 12/13/1891 LG
JONES John D BC 9/24/1895 New York
JONES Mary R BEX 3/10/1879 DN
JONES Thomas BEN 2/14/1894 Plymouth, Pa
JONES Willie BDLJ 10/22/1935 D&B
JORDAN M A BEX 6/24/1894 ROD
JORDAN Martin BEN 3/28/1894 DN
JUDD S. Corning BC 9/24/1895 Chicago
JUERGENS August BC 2/9/1891 A
JUERGENS August BC 3/4/1891 P
JUNG Edward BC 8/11/1894 DN
JUNG John C BEN 3/24/1894 A
JUSTIN Charles A BC 9/2/1891 CI

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