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Surname Notes Appearance Info
RABENHORST Henriette BDLJ 11/16/1935 D & B
RABINOWITZ Fanny BDLJ 10/22/1935 D&B
RAE Chevie J BDLJ 10/23/1935 D&B
RAFFTESAETH Jessie BDLJ 10/23/1935 D&B
RALPH Edmund S BC 9/24/1895 DN
RALPH Grace BC 4/15/1891 DN
RALYEA Wheeler C BEN 5/1/1911 DN
RAMSEY Henry BDC 3/19/1887 A
RANK William BSMN 3/31/1895 ROD
RANNEY-PACKARD Alma BC 8/26/1891 Dunkirk
RANSOM Asa BC 3/4/1891 P
RAPP Helen BSMN 3/17/1895 ROD
RATAJOSAK Waldyslawa BDR 8/22/1885 ROD
RATCHFORD Mary BEN 3/20/1894 Oakfield
RATHBUN Delanie BC 9/25/1891 DN
RAVNITZKY Lena CE 11/23/1963 DN
RAWLINSON Thomas BC 8/26/1888 DN
RAY Lyda BEX 6/24/1894 ROD
RAYNOR Mrs. Alonzo BEN 5/5/1894 DN
READ Oliver BC 9/14/1891 DN & A
READ-ROCKWELL Elizabeth BC 1/1/1891 P
READ-ROCKWELL Elizabeth BC 12/31/1891 P
READING Willie BC 11/11/1891 Trenton, NJ
REAGAN Eddie BC 3/10/1891 C of T
REDDEN James BEN 8/26/1882 Wilmington, Del
REED Harold J BC 10/19/1895 O & F
REEVES John BDR 8/22/1885 ROD
REGAN John BSMN 3/17/1895 ROD
REGAN-FRANCIS Mary BC 12/9/1891 DN
REHRER Anton BC 11/22/1895 P
REID Caroline BE 4/11/1893 ROD
REIGER E. L. BC 11/7/1895 Detroit Explosion
REILEY-HURLBURT Clara BEN 3/20/1894 Warsaw
REILLY Mary Ellen CE 11/26/1963 DN
REILLY Peter P CE 11/23/1963 DN
REIMERS W. BEX 6/24/1894 ROD
REINHARD-SPANG Louisa BE 2/16/1915 DN
REINHARD-SPANG Louisa BE 2/17/1915 DN
REINIG John Jr BC 9/13/1895 P
REINSBECK Francis BC 11/16/1891 DN
REISCH Hildegarde BE 2/17/1915 IM
REISCH Peter AB 2/13/1890 F
REISTER Geo. J BC 9/25/1891 DN
REITZ Louise BDLJ 11/16/1935 D & B
REITZEL George W BDC 2/23/1880 DN
REMIG John BE 7/16/1915 A
REMING Benjamin CE 11/16/1963 DN
REMINGTON Fred BC 7/14/1888 Trinidad, Co. - A
REMUS Anthony BC 9/13/1891 A
RENEN Peter BC 11/16/1891 DN
RENWICK A. G. BC 7/30/1889 Cuba
RENZ Emma BSMN 3/17/1895 ROD
REPP (Infant) BDLJ 10/28/1935 D&B
REUBEN William BC 9/22/1895 New York
REUTH John J BC 11/7/1895 Detroit Explosion
REYNOLDS Eliza BC 1/7/1891 P
REYNOLDS Thomas BEN 5/4/1894 DN
REYNOLDS Thomas BEN 5/5/1894
RHINEHART Adolph BC 2/5/1889 DN
RICE Almey A BEX 4/24/1879 DN
RICE Berton S. CE 11/27/1963 DN
RICE Dorothy BSMN 6/2/1895 ROD
RICE Rev BEX 5/19/1879 F
RICH Adam BC 6/6/1891 Niagara Falls
RICHARD Andrew BC 8/10/1894 DN
RICHARDSON Miss BEN 3/20/1894 Fredonia
RICHMOND Moses M BC 1/1/1891 DN & A
RICHMOND Theodore BDLJ 11/7/1935 D & B
RIDAR Mary A BDLJ 10/24/1935 D & B
RIDAR Mary A BDLJ 10/31/1935 D & B
RIDDLE Kate BC 6/27/1891 Cincinnati
RIECK Anna BC 10/4/1895 DN
RIEFLER Jacob BC 11/7/1895 P
RIEGEL Julia A BC 6/13/1891 P
RIEGEL Julia F BC 5/28/1891 DN
RIEHLE-KAMUF Louise BCE 11/12/1933 DN
RIEMAN John H BC 9/4/1891 P
RIFF Robert BCE 11/18/1933 Syracuse A
RIFFEL Sophia BEN 8/26/1882 DN
RILEY Annie BC 2/2/1891 A
RILEY Mary BC 4/1/1891 O
RILEY Willie BEX 7/14/1894 ROD
RINKER Magdelina BSMN 3/17/1895 ROD
RISTOR M D BEX 6/24/1894 ROD
RITTER Ernest BC 9/24/1895 New York
RITTER Nellie BDR 8/20/1885 ROD
RIZZO John CE 11/26/1963 DN
ROACH Charles BC 10/11/1895 A
ROBERTS Benjamin F BEN 5/1/1911 DN
ROBERTS David BEX 5/20/1879 CI
ROBERTS Edward BC 10/14/1895 CI
ROBERTS Fred BC 10/25/1895 A
ROBERTS Richard BC 6/27/1891 A - Natalie, Pa.
ROBERTSON Hugh BC 2/24/1891 Spring Hill Mine, Canada
ROBINSON Harry BC 9/16/1891 Le Roy
ROBINSON Orville BC 7/5/1891 Charleston, W. Va.
ROBINSON Robert W BC 10/14/1895 CI
ROCHE D. P. BC 10/9/1895 Scranton, Pa
ROCHE John BC 4/14/1891 A
ROCK James BEN 5/26/1894 Albion
ROCK Mrs James BC 8/7/1894 F
ROCKWELL-READ Elizabeth BC 12/31/1890 P
ROCKWELL-REAR Elizabeth BC 1/1/1891 P
ROCOTTA Carmelo BDLJ 11/16/1935 D & B
RODNEY George BDC 6/23/1887 DN
ROE Edmund BDLJ 10/26/1935 D&B
ROELI Caroline BDLJ 11/15/1935 D & B
ROESCH Jacob BSMN 2/24/1895 ROD
ROESLER Martin BDLJ 10/24/1935 D&B
ROGERS Abigail BEN 5/17/1894 Batavia
ROGERS Gertrude BSMN 6/2/1895 ROD
ROGERS Mrs L. M. BC 7/30/1889 Smethport, PA
ROHE Peter BDC 6/23/1887 DN
ROHER Joseph BC 10/25/1895 A
ROHILL Gertrude BSMN 3/17/1895 ROD
ROLAND Mrs A AB 6/26/1879 Surname spelled differently
ROLLAND Mrs A AB 6/26/1879 French Tourist Over Falls
ROMER Katherine BE 7/17/1915 DN
ROMIG Frank BC 3/15/1891 A
ROONEY Elizabeth BDLJ 10/26/1935 D&B
ROONEY Nellie BSMN 3/17/1895 ROD
ROOT Bessie BSMN 3/17/1895 ROD
ROOT Francis H BC 11/14/1895 F
ROOT Gordon BC 11/20/1895 P
ROPPERT John AB 8/14/1890 O
ROSE Charles BE 7/23/1915 DN
ROSE L. N. BC 7/5/1891 Charleston, W. Va.
ROSEN Esther BDLJ 10/26/1935 D&B
ROSENBERG Fanny BDLJ 10/29/1935 D & B
ROSS Arthur BDR 8/21/1885 ROD
ROSS James BC 11/7/1895 Detroit Explosion
ROSS Mrs. Jesse BEN 5/15/1894 Mt. Morris
ROSS Rose J BC 9/13/1895 A
ROSS William BC 9/12/1895 Atlanta, Ga
ROTHAMG Walter BDLJ 10/23/1935 D&B
ROTHBARTH Madalena BDLJ 10/24/1935 D&B
ROTHENBERGER Franklin AB 6/12/1879 O
ROTHMAN George BC 10/14/1895 Pittsburg
ROTHYARD John BC 2/1/1891 A
ROUND Robert CE 11/23/1963 DN
RUDD Alethea BC 8/17/1891 DN
RUDERRICK Anthony BC 10/14/1895 CI
RUDIN Henry BSMN 5/5/1895 ROD
RUFFO John BCE 11/15/1933 Dansville
RUFFO Nellie BCE 11/15/1933 Dansville
RUFFO Nunzio BCE 11/15/1933 Dansville
RUFFO Samuel BCE 11/15/1933 Dansville
RUPP Vincent CE 11/26/1963 DN
RUPPERT - Henry BC 10/13/1894 Dewitt, Neb
RUSINEK Mary CE 11/27/1963 DN
RUSS Arthur BC 10/21/1895 CI
RUSSEL Robert BSMN 5/26/1895 ROD
RUSSELL Rev. Stuart BC 10/7/1895 London
RUSSELL Thomas BME 11/27/1879 DN
RUSSELL Thomas BME 11/29/1879 A
RUST G. CE 11/26/1963 DN
RUTH Frank BC 5/26/1891 A
RUTHIE John BEN 7/16/1883 A
RUTVIN James BC 1/14/1891 San Antonio, Texas
RYAN Austin BDR 8/24/1885 ROD
RYAN Catherine BC 8/17/1891 DN
RYAN Charles BDLJ 11/15/1935 D & B
RYAN James BDR 8/20/1885 ROD
RYAN James BC 9/18/1891 F Dunkirk
RYAN James BC 3/1/1891 A
RYAN James BC 3/2/1891 DN
RYAN James BSMN 5/5/1895 ROD
RYAN James E BC 9/16/1891 O
RYAN John BC 10/16/1895 P
RYAN John BSMN 4/28/1895 ROD
RYAN Katherine BC 1/1/1902 A
RYAN Mary BDR 8/20/1885 ROD
RYAN Michael BC 11/29/1891 DN
RYAN Owen BC 4/24/1891 DN
RYAN Thomas BSMN 3/17/1895 ROD
RYAN-DOWNEY Ann BC 11/29/1891 DN
RYEROFT Jessie BSMN 5/26/1895 ROD
RYERSON John W BC 7/10/1891 Simcoe, Ont.
RYERSON John W BC 7/15/1891 A
RYKERT C. G. BC 8/12/1894 Pioneers of Attica
RYNN J. L. BEX 6/24/1894 ROD

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