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Surname Notes Appearance Info
La MARCH Edward BC 1/22/1891 P
LABIAK Joseph BC 11/14/1895 Lawsuit
LAFFON Ophelia BDLJ 11/2/1935 D & B
LAKATOA Marie BDLJ 10/22/1935 D&B
LAMB Sophia E BC 9/13/1895 DN
LAMB Thomas BDLJ 11/16/1935 D & B
LAMBERSON William BDLJ 10/26/1935 D&B
LAMBERTON James BC 10/20/1895 A
LAMBRECHT Rosalie BC 8/10/1894 A
LAMBRIX W. CE 11/24/1963 DN
LAMPIER Samuel BC 6/4/1891 DN
LANCER John BC 6/4/1891 A
LANDERS Sarah BDLJ 10/24/1935 D&B
LANDGRAF Otto BDLJ 10/26/1935 D&B
LANDSTROM Andrew BC 11/15/1895 A
LANG Henry BSMN 4/28/1895 ROD
LANG Mabel BE 4/11/1893 ROD
LANGE Charles BEX 7/14/1894 ROD
LANGHEIER Frank BE 7/23/1915 DN
LANNEN Charles J CE 11/27/1963 DN
LANNING Thomas BC 1/22/1891 O
LAPORT Mary AB 2/13/1890 F
LAPP Elizabeth BC 9/2/1891 P
LARAWAY Cordelia BEN 5/1/1911 DN
LARIVERE Henry BC 11/7/1895 Detroit Explosion
LARKIN Elizabeth M BDR 8/20/1885 ROD & A - Also see 8/17 paper
LARSEN Edith BEX 7/14/1894 ROD
LARSON Oscar BEN 5/22/1894 A
LASCELLES Annie M BC 10/5/1894 DN
LASKA Henriette BDLJ 10/24/1935 D&B
LASXEWSKA Mary BDLJ 10/25/1935 D&B
LATHROP Albert BDC 6/25/1887 DN
LAUFER Frank BSMN 2/24/1895 ROD
LAUFFER Agnes BE 3/2/1915 IM
LAUGHTON Elizabeth BSMN 2/24/1895 ROD
LAUKES Dorothy BSMN 2/24/1895 ROD
LAURIAN Margaret BDLJ 10/31/1935 D & B
LAUTH Barbara BEX 6/24/1894 ROD
LAWRENCE Anna BC 7/25/1889 Cherry Creek
LAWRENCE-VAN ETTEN Mrs. Edgar BC 11/18/1895 O
LAWRENCE-WHITCOMB Mrs Frederick BC 1/16/1891 A
LAWSON Thomas BC 11/11/1895 A
LAWTON-BLASDELL Jennie BEN 5/16/1894 North Collins
LAYCOCK John BC 8/10/1894 DN
LAYER Jacob BC 11/16/1891 DN
LAYER Minnie BEN 5/16/1894 Lockport
LAYMAN John BDLJ 10/24/1935 D&B
LE SURE Alvin W BE 2/17/1915 F
LEARY Jeremiah BSMN 5/5/1895 ROD
LEARY Margaret BDLJ 11/7/1935 D & B
LEARY Timothy L BDR 8/22/1885 ROD
LECHWINGER William BSMN 3/17/1895 ROD
LEE Ellen BC 12/16/1891 DN
LEE Harvey W BME 11/29/1879 DN
LEE Richard BEN 8/25/1882 A
LEE William BC 10/21/1895 CI
LEES Christine BC 10/5/1895 P
LEHAN Alice BE 11/12/1903 Erie, Pa.
LEHMAN M. H. BC 10/21/1895 CI
LEHMAN Morris BC 10/21/1895 CI
LEHR J. J. BEX 6/24/1894 ROD
LEIB Amanda BE 7/12/1915 DN
LEIGHTNAM John BC 1/9/1891 DN
LEMHARD Elizabeth BC 11/16/1891 DN
LEMKE Roberta BDLJ 10/21/1935 D&B
LENAHAN Mary Ann BDC 12/22/1886 DN
LENHARD Mary A BME 12/3/1879 DN
LENNERTZ John BC 11/12/1895 A
LENOX Ruth BC 10/16/1895 P
LENTZ Cathrina BC 9/4/1891 P
LENTZ Christian AB 5/1/1879 O
LENZ David BC 9/20/1895 P
LEONARD John V BC 3/17/1891 DN
LEONUIS Fred BSMN 2/24/1895 ROD
LERSON Catharine BSMN 2/24/1895 ROD
LESSWING E. W. C. CE 11/23/1963 DN
LESWING AB 10/15/1891 Son of Peter
LETCHWORTH Susan P BC 2/27/1891 O & DN
LETO Vincent CE 11/23/1963 DN
LEUTNER Jennie F BDR 8/21/1885 ROD
LEVI Frank BC 10/9/1895 P
LEVI Mala BC 9/17/1895 A
LEVUNKIE John BC 10/17/1888 Train Accident in Pa.
LEWANDOFSKI Michael BDR 8/20/1885 ROD
LEWIS James S BC 1/28/1891 DN
LEWIS Patsey BC 9/23/1891 A
LEWSTRUM Andrew BC 10/14/1895 CI
LEYSHON Thomas BEN 2/14/1894 Plymouth, Pa
LICHTENTHAL Elizabeth BCE 11/12/1933 IM
LICNERSKI Walter CE 11/27/1963 DN
LIDDELL Alexander BC 2/16/1891 DN
LIESE Minnie BC 11/7/1895 Detroit Explosion
LIEXNER Emma BC 11/16/1891 DN
LILIA Augustus BC 7/22/1888
LIMINA Florence BDLJ 10/25/1935 D&B
LINDER Loraine A. CE 11/16/1963 DN
LINDER Moses BSMN 6/2/1895 ROD
LINDHOLM J. L. BC 10/14/1895 CI
LINDNER Robert BDLJ 10/30/1935 D & B
LINES Joel P BC 9/14/1895 P
LISK Elizabeth BE 2/17/1915 DN
LITTLE (Infant) BC 7/27/1889 ROD
LITTLE John BEN 5/21/1894 A
LITTLER Leonard BDLJ 11/7/1935 D & B
LLOYD William BDLJ 10/26/1935 D&B
LOBEAK Joseph BEN 5/4/1894 A
LOCKHARD Daniel BC 2/24/1891 Spring Hill Mine, Canada
LOCKMAN George A BC 1/11/1891 A
LOCKWELL Joseph BEN 5/26/1894 Forestville
LOCKWOOD Howard BC 8/28/1891 DN
LOCKWOOD P. B. BC 12/27/1890 B
LODGE William BC 6/27/1891 A - Natalie, Pa.
LOESCH Louis BC 12/9/1891 A
LOGAN Bartholomew BEN 3/14/1894 A
LOGAN Edward BCE 11/13/1933 A
LOGAN James BDLJ 11/7/1935 D & B
LOHNER Anna BE 4/11/1893 ROD
LOICHOT Engenia BC 4/10/1891 P
LONERGAN Mary BC 1/22/1891 DN
LONG Christian BC 3/4/1891 P
LONG Elizabeth BC 10/8/1895 P
LONG-FOGELSONGER Elizabeth BC 9/13/1895 DN
LOOMIS F. C. BC 11/20/1895 P
LOOMIS-KNAP Jennie A BC 9/12/1895 DN
LORD Cyrus BC 2/8/1891 DN
LORENZ Louis P BC 4/24/1891 O
LOSEL Jacob BE 4/7/1915 DN & O
LOVEJOY Addison BC 9/25/1895 A
LOVEJOY Mary E BEN 3/31/1894 A
LOVELL Edward BEN 5/21/1894 A
LOVENSKI Joseph BC 10/17/1888 Train Accident in Pa.
LOWNIE William A BE 11/5/1903 DN
LUASIK Mary BDLJ 10/24/1935 D&B
LUBER Mrs BC 11/6/1891 A
LUDEMAN William J BDLJ 10/31/1935 D & B
LUDWIG Frederick BC 9/29/1891 P
LUDWIG Henry BC 10/21/1895 CI
LUDWIG Lena BC 9/6/1891 P
LUH Anna BEX 6/24/1894 ROD
LUITHE Matthias BSMN 2/24/1895 ROD
LUND Erie BDLJ 11/7/1935 D & B
LUNG John BSMN 3/31/1895 ROD
LUPPICH William BC 7/11/1888 A
LUTHER Vera CE 11/24/1963 DN
LUTZ Lena BSMN 5/26/1895 ROD
LUUSHNER William BDLJ 10/29/1935 D & B
LYMAN John L BC 2/20/1891 DN
LYNCH Margaret BSMN 5/5/1895 ROD
LYNCH Michael BEX 7/14/1894 A
LYNCH Patrick BDLJ 10/22/1935 D&B
LYNCH Peter BC 10/4/1895 DN & CI
LYNN Henry BC 9/15/1895 P
LYONS Michael BEX 1/4/1879 P
LYONS Mrs. James BC 12/2/1891 DN
LYTLE Joseph C BDR 8/24/1885 ROD & O

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