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Surname Notes Appearance Info
PACKARD-RANNEY Alma BC 8/26/1891 Dunkirk
PADDON William W BEX 5/19/1879 DN
PAGANO Antoinette CE 11/23/1963 DN
PAGEL John BC 10/6/1894 Detroit Fire
PAINE Bessie I. CE 11/16/1963 DN
PALMER John BE 4/11/1893 ROD
PANCOTT Arthur BSMN 5/5/1895 ROD
PANTANO N. CE 11/26/1963 DN
PARIS Louis BC 2/15/1891 A
PARKER Benjamin A BEN 3/19/1894 A
PARKER Edward BEN 7/16/1883 Brooklyn
PARKER K. Orlando BC 10/21/1895 CI
PARKER Mary BE 3/2/1915 IM
PARKER Mary BDLJ 11/2/1935 D & B
PARKER Robert BEN 8/26/1882 Aiken S.C.
PARKHUST Roselle BEN 5/17/1894 Newark
PARKS William BE 3/2/1915 DN
PARRINO Kenneth BDLJ 11/7/1935 D & B
PARSON George BSMN 4/28/1895 ROD
PARYBAGS Joseph BSMN 6/2/1895 ROD
PASCON George BSMN 5/5/1895 ROD
PATALOW Thomas BC 1/1/1891 A
PATCHIN Almos T BC 9/10/1891 A
PATTERSON Hannah W BEN 5/17/1894 Westfield
PATTERSON Mitchell BC 10/21/1895 CI
PATTERSON Thomas BEX 5/19/1879 A
PATTON Burt W BC 2/23/1891 DN
PAUL Earl BSMN 4/28/1895 ROD
PAUL James M BE 4/11/1893 A
PAULOFSKI Mary BDR 8/21/1885 ROD
PAULUS Jacob BDR 8/20/1885 ROD
PAWIAK Stanisiawa BDR 8/22/1885 ROD
PAYNE Roland H BEN 3/19/1894 DN
PEARSALL John W BC 9/29/1891 A
PEARSON Martha BSMN 2/17/1895 ROD
PEASE Francis S BC 1/13/1891 P
PEASE Frank BC 10/16/1895 P
PECCI Sebastiano BC 3/1/1891 A
PECK Elisha BC 12/31/1891 Batavia
PENCHER H. BEX 6/24/1894 ROD
PENDEGRASS William J BC 2/19/1891 Ramsomville
PENNEY Thomas BCE 11/12/1933 DN & O
PENSEYRER Mary BDR 8/21/1885 ROD
PENZAN Isaac BC 11/4/1895 NY Fire
PERRY Mary BC 12/16/1891 CI
PERRY Oliver H BC 6/26/1891 DN
PERRY Oliver H BC 6/25/1891 DN
PERSONS Edwin BC 2/12/1891 DN
PETONIAS Louis BEX 6/20/1894 A
PETREY George BC 10/17/1888 Train Accident in Pa.
PETRIE Nicholas BC 2/20/1891 P
PETRIE William BC 10/12/1894 A
PETRIE William BC 10/13/1894 DN
PETZING Norman J BEN 4/19/1894 DN
PFALZER Julia BDLJ 10/30/1935 D & B
PFEIFFER George F BC 10/24/1895 O
PFONNER Philip BC 12/30/1891 A
PHELAN Matt BC 1/6/1892 CI
PHILIPS James BSMN 5/26/1895 ROD
PHILLIPPS Jacob AB 2/4/1892 A
PHILLIPS Capt BC 11/23/1895 A
PHILLIPS Cecella AB 8/14/1890 O
PHILLIPS Charles BC 11/23/1895 A
PHILLIPS Charles BC 10/8/1895 A
PHILLIPS Mary BC 10/7/1888 A
PHILLIPS Randolph BC 10/8/1895 A
PHILLIPS Willie BC 11/10/1895 A
PIAZZA Angeline J CE 11/23/1963 DN
PICK-HENNIGAN Helen C BCE 11/12/1933 DN
PICTON Thomas BEN 2/14/1894 Plymouth, Pa
PIERCE Katie BDC 3/19/1887 A
PIFER Raymond BDLJ 11/1/1935 D & B
PIKE Ludwig BC 10/17/1888 Train Accident in Pa.
PIKULA Stanley CE 11/23/1963 DN
PILE Charles BEN 3/24/1894 A
PILLARD Fred BEX 6/24/1894 ROD
PILLER Hattie BC 11/7/1895 Detroit Explosion
PISALA Anna BDR 8/24/1885 ROD
PISANO Antonio BDLJ 11/7/1935 D & B
PITCHERS Samuel BE 11/5/1903 DN
PLACHOWIAK Wawrzyn BDR 8/24/1885 ROD
PLACIASKI Stanisiaus BC 7/2/1891 A
PLANT Edward BDLJ 10/29/1935 D & B
PLIMPTON Mrs. L. K. BC 8/17/1891 DN
PLIMPTON Mrs. L. K. BC 8/19/1891 F
PLIMPTON Rita BCE 11/12/1933 Rochester
POLAND J. BEN 5/21/1894 A
POLLARD Flora BME 11/26/1879 DN
POLLINER Joseph BDLJ 10/22/1935 D&B
POLLISKI Andrew BC 11/12/1891 A
POND Charles L BC 9/2/1891 P
PORCHUN Julia BDLJ 10/26/1935 D&B
PORTER Philip K CE 11/24/1963 DN
POSS Anna B BC 11/20/1891 DN
POST Cleopatra BSMN 5/5/1895 ROD
POST Cleopatra BSMN 4/28/1895 ROD
POST Donald BE 7/14/1915 DN
POST Frank BDC 7/16/1867 A
POTTER Benjamin A BC 10/21/1895 CI
POTTER Dr Frank H BC 9/9/1891 A
POTTER Gilbert BC 1/18/1891 A
POTTS Rebecca BC 9/27/1895 P
POUND Hiram M BC 1/3/1891 Lockport
POWELL John CE 11/16/1963 DN
POWERS Michael E BC 2/1/1891 DN
POWERS Patrick J BEX 7/14/1894 ROD
PRANGEN Diedrick BC 6/28/1889 Hornellsville
PRATT Anson BC 8/21/1891 Bradford, Pa
PRATT Mary J BC 3/3/1891 P
PRATT Samuel F BC 3/3/1891 P
PRATT Sophia C BC 3/8/1891 DN
PRATT Tinsie Ella A BC 9/22/1891 DN
PRICE Judge R BDLJ 10/26/1935 D&B
PRICE Walter BEN 5/17/1894 Pawtucket, R.I.
PRINCE Bert B BEX 7/14/1894 ROD
PRIOR Margaret BC 9/4/1891 DN
PRITE Henry BC 3/19/1891 A
PROSSER Winfield BC 10/10/1894 Town Talk
PROVOOST Mrs. E. W. BEX 5/19/1879 DN
PROVOOST-MOFFAT Matilda BC 11/19/1895 DN
PUGH Dr. A. B. BC 8/22/1891 Mobile, Al
PUGLEY Phobe BSMN 5/5/1895 ROD
PURCELL Wilson BDC 3/19/1887 A
PURDY Agnes G BC 9/24/1895 Medina - A

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